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Restoraunt Korčula De La Ville

On spectacular location, with over 100 years of tradition and experience, in the very heart of Korčula town, there is tavern of Hotel Korčula De La Ville waiting for you. The spacious terrace is its feature. It offers a unique view on Pelješac channel which besides scene of boats, yachts, and surfers, provides a spectacular picture of the sunset. That is a breathtaking view, view that you will remember forever. Beside the terrace, you can enjoy a recently renovated restaurant inside the hotel. In this hotel, many famous and glorious figures has been dining - king Edward VII. and Wallis Simpson, famous english writer Rebecca West, Jackie Kennedy who came to rest on the Adriatic coast after the assassination of her husband and president of USA John F. Kennedy, as well as Jovanka Broz and president Josip Broz Tito. Combination of a spectacular view and delightful tastes are sufficient reason to visit this place, don't you think so?

Reservations: +385 20 726 900

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