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Restaurants and Taverns in the Town of Korčula

A tavern (Cro. konoba) once held a special place in the everyday lives of the people in Dalmatia. It even has its very own evergreen song "Konoba" whose powerful emotions find their way even to the hearts of those who don't understand its lyrics. The sweet smell of home-made food, grandma's cooking, bread baked under the terracotta lid and bevanda, a drink combining wine and water, are only some of the tavern's tasty symbols, all with a twist of the original Dalmatian feel.


Find out just what that means in our taverns Lanterna or Adriana. Try the local specialties complemented with Korčula wines such as Pošip, Grk and Plavac in the restaurants Korčula de La Ville or Planjak. You'll surely have room for a cup of coffee and home-made pastries from the café Arula on the popular Plokata Square.


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