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Gourmet on Korčula island

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are”

An oasis of undiscovered delicacies

Since ancient times, the people of Korčula have treated food with great respect. Over the centuries of coexistence with the land, sea and plenty of sunlight, gratitude as well as a harmonious and a gentle attitude towards nature were indispensable for survival. And that is why nature provided them with fruits and food of the highest quality. With its luscious flavours and smells, this area is proud of its gastronomy as one of the greatest treasures and guardians of the way of life.

Home-made olive oil made from prime indigenous varieties of the island of Korčula is an essential part of the preparation of almost any island dish. Local highly-skilled chefs create a unique mixture of tastes and smells which fills every single bite with Mediterranean emotions.

Combined with local aromatic herbs, Korčula delicacies also represent the healthiest and most delicious meat, fish or vegetarian dishes. 

Fish swim three times

The Croatian Adriatic coast is the cleanest in Europe - it’s crystal clear and beautiful. So it’s no wonder that our fish is globally considered to be extremely healthy and delicious. In Korčula, fresh fish is usually grilled, cooked as a brodet with polenta or popara, or boiled. Whichever way of cooking, it always “swims” in the finest olive oil. Premium specialities go hand in hand with premium wine. That’s why we say fish swim three times. The only thing we have to do is to choose a high-quality local white wine, such as Pošip or Grk. Plavac mali is a red wine that has become a brand thanks to its magnificent characteristics which leave you speechless.

Seafood as a premium experience

Wonderful seafood is prepared in many ways and it is part of numerous gastronomic delights, while shellfish and other seafood delicacies guarantee the flavour of sea in each dish. Oysters are served in risottos and pasta dishes, but they can also be baked or fried. They taste phenomenal with tomatoes, prosciutto, cheese or other Mediterranean delicacies. In the Korčula region they are a local foodstuff which is always fresh. With a few drops of lemon juice and a bit of olive oil, they truly represent the Mediterranean.

Spectacular and unique meat specialties

One of many specific ways of preparing meat is roasting island-grown lamb or goat meat with potatoes, vegetables and spices under the bell. The meat is cooked slowly in its juices under an iron bell, over hot ashes. Makaruni, a traditional handmade pasta, is served with meat that is slow cooked for hours in local herbs and spices. Dalmatian prosciutto served with local goat or sheep milk cheese, buns, capers, samphire, olives and salted sardines or picarel is a perfect beginning or an end to any feast.

Secret sweets from Korčula

Traditional and unique sweets from Korčula are a fairy-tale in themselves. Their flavours and smells fill the old city streets. The secret lies in old recipes which have been carefully handed down for generations. It is a sin to visit Korčula without trying cukarin, klašun, amarete, bruštulane mindule, prikle, hrostule, kotonjate, narancine or other local products. Once you try these local delights, we know you will be their fan for life. You will cherish their flavours and share them only with the people you hold dear.

“One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating.”


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