Black Island White Wines

Black Island White Wines

The island of Korčula, besides its natural beauty and its rich cultural heritage, it has been famous for millennia old tradition of wine making. By contrast to the rest of Dalmatia, which is known mostly for its red wines, the island of Korčula is renowned above all for the quality of its white, made from its native grapevine varieties. In the central region of the island grow Pošip and Rukatac, in Lumbarda, on the eastern tip of the island, there are the vineyards of Grk. Among the reds the most popular is Plavac Mali. The wines of Korčula are celebrated for their exquisite character, for their complexity, for accentuated varietal aromas and for their high alcohol content - they reflect Mediterranean sunshine, scents and tastes. They are distinguished for their exceptionally fine acidity, unusual among southern wines, which makes them such pleasure to drink.


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