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Activities on Korčula island

„Don’t fill your life with days, fill your days with life!”

Humans have a strong desire to be in contact with nature. The island of Korčula is a truly unique place where you can explore pristine and beautiful Mediterranean nature, inspiring a feeling of pleasure and delight. Whether you’re simply going for a swim in the crystal clear sea, or enjoying the shade of pine trees while you soak up the sun in one of many hidden bays, this place will warm your soul and restore your energy. Nature on Korčula will always give you more than you expect. After visiting it, you will never again allow yourself to miss out on the magic that has filled your body and soul while on the island.

Try out these amazing activities

  • Sailing as a special way of enjoying the Korčula archipelago
  • Kayaking to fully connect with nature
  • Diving or snorkelling to explore the Mediterranean beneath the surface of the sea
  • Hiking or climbing to experience the magnificent scenes that you will remember for the rest of your life
  • Cycling as an indispensable part of enjoying the magic of the island’s landscape.


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