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Based exclusively on individual aromatherapy treatments, our hotel offers many wellness services; from relaxing massages to classical medical massages, using olive leaf products and olive oil which are specific for this area. Future moms definitely deserve the best treatment, so we have prepared special, custom massages for them. If you wish to refresh your body after sunbathing, you can enjoy in our world-famous reflexology massage in a calming atmosphere. We also offer raindrop massages for specific medical spinal problems of viral origin, multiple sclerosis, etc. Ginger detox treatment and relaxing chocolate or vanilla treatments will make your day and also cleanse your skin and make it soft. The combination of Ayurveda techniques and the use of indigenous island healing herbs is very interesting. Herbs are mixed with rice and cooked in oil in order to maintain the temperature. It has a soothing effect on aching muscles. For candle massages, we use butter candles which are the reason why this will be a completely new experience for your body. We also have facial treatments and nail or leg treatments. We use home-made local clay for your legs, while our masks are made of clay and helichrysum. The aesthetic foot treatment consists of a spa treatment (pedicure, manicure and complete foot care). Our aromatherapy and nutritional workshops as well as individual work with our guests are extremely popular. If you choose any of them, you will take a light morning walk to the nearby park “Hober” in order to learn about local plants and their application in aromatherapy and reflexology. You will also receive many expert tips for a better, healthier life in the future.

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