Tradicija maslinarstva u Port 9 Resortu

The smell and taste of rich island olive grow tradition in the Port 9 Resort

Numerous legends and history confirm the tree and fruit of olive as a symbol of Mediterranean culture. Myth says that even the Greek goddess of Athens invoked the emergence of an olive tree, whose oil was particularly respected at Olympus, the capital's old Gods. Wild olive crabs were found in cows 9,000 years ago. Noah's Ark dove wore an olive branch in the beak as a symbol of the reconciliation of God and people. Olive is a miraculous, long-lived tree that grows in areas with plenty of sunshine up to 400m above sea level. It flourish in May and June and the fruit ripens from October to January depending on sort and climatic conditions. The forst fruits are given after 7 years and the highest crop after 20 years. Waiting for crops requires patience and due respect for that great symbolic wealth tree. It is said that there were two trees in heaven: figs (tree of truth) and olives (tree of life). Even the hundreds years old olive trees that we have on our island give fresh young fruits. Apart from basic nutrition, olive oil serves as "liquid gold" to preserve health. The essence of the olive flower is a special old formulation for physical and mental health. Olive is a food and a cure, it conceals secrets of longevity and health. Oil can be a dietary supplement and also used as a cosmetic preparation. It is a natural preservative for fish and cheese that can be used for so many years. Hippocrates have been dubbed olive oil for more than 60 different diseases.

The Port 9 Resort boasts 150 olive trees within its own estate that foster employees. Investment in care, fertilization and irrigation, weaving and ventilating this symbol of our climate returns multiple times. In addition to its beauty,  this year it gained 363 kg of fruit and 57 liters of premium extra virgin olive oil. It is important to note that this oil is derived from native homemade sorts. They are called the "lastovka", "oblica" ili "orgula", and "drobnica" which is the oldest indigenous sort. Here the olive is a very delicate nutritional product full of mineral salts and vitamins soluble in oil. On the olive oil manifestations of the Mediterranean, the ones from the island of Korcula have received the world's greatest awards. When assessing quality, ie sensory analysis, only oils that have not been stored before processing are tested and evaluated. Quality requirements are getting harsh in accordance with the international rule book.

See you picking it up at the same time next year, and in the summer, enjoy the shade of this magnificent tree loved by the sea and the sun.

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