Zvučna masaža u vodi s tibetanskim zdjelama

Sound massage in water with Tibetan singing bowls

Resort Port 9 is the first commercial tourist facility in Croatia to offer a unique new service – sound massage in water with Tibetan singing bowls.

The effects of sound and sound frequencies on the human body, mood and psyche, but also on other living organisms have been known since ancient times. Sound massage with Tibetan singing bowls is based on the 5000-year-old Eastern tradition of Tibetan lamas. Placing and moving the bowls across the client’s body and around it and playing them (with controlled, light tapping of a mallet) creates sound. Sound vibrations enter every cell of the body, through the skin, tissue, cavities, bones and organs. This changes the usual frequency of the body and mind.

This massage leads to deep relaxation and regenerates the body. It balances the left and right side of the brain, while the vibrations improve life energy and creativity. It spontaneously removes harmful substances from the body and improves the circulation of blood and the lymph, while the thyroid gland produces the happiness hormone. It is interesting to note that sound massage is also suitable for the deaf. “The general impression after the massage is that clients feel relaxed and develop a sense of self-confidence and vital energy. Although many guests have never heard of this therapy, they are keen to try it because of its benefits. Sound massage is well accepted, which is evidenced by guests’ written impressions”, said Zoran Malin, a certified sound therapist.

Unlike sound massage on a massage table, the effect of sound massage in water or in the sea is stronger because water is a medium which transfers sound and vibrations better. During the therapy, the client floats on the surface of the water, or the sea, while the therapist places Tibetan singing bowls on and around them. The therapy lasts 45 minutes, during which clients feel as if they are levitating because of various motions, sound and vibrations. Despite the relatively short duration of the massage, clients get a sense of waking dreams – after the massage, they feel relaxed and vital as if they slept 8 hours. This unique offer in Port 9 has been attracting more and more people willing to relax and enjoy sound vibrations.

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