Smokvun: magična riječ da bi život postao savršeno sladak

Smokvun: a magical word that makes life sweeter

Not so long ago, a group of young, enthusiastic and energetic friends started exploring the beautiful Korčula archipelago. Maybe a more appropriate description of this endeavour would be “pure enjoyment”, or even better – letting go and experiencing something completely natural and primordial. The almost meditative hum of the boat’s motor, the smell of pines and salt from the crystal clear sea, sunrays filling nature with magnificent colours and bold contours were a part of the everyday lives of this small expedition whose adventure is not the main topic of this text. However, one of the anecdotes that happened to them is very interesting. After catching, cleaning and grilling fish, the only thing left to do was to complement that divine lunch with a bottle of top-notch autochthonous wine Grk, which has been served in this region since the first Greek colonies – the most famous one on Korčula is now called Lumbarda. On its hills and its sandy soil, Grk grapes have been cultivated for centuries. The perfect environment, spectacular nature and supreme quality of all elements made our friends fall into a trance-like state of mind. It was a healing of the body and the mind. But something was missing. One of them, the host, knew how to make this “magic ritual” complete. Only one word was missing and the host said it loud and clear: smo-kvun! In the small boat refrigerator an amazing surprise awaited. All of them took only one sphere which consisted of a whole dried fig with almonds and walnuts covered in chocolate. That experience simply cannot be put into words if a person has not experienced it. One thing was certain and they all said it aloud – this was magical and it will become something amazing! Along with the sounds of delight and admiration, one word was uttered throughout the night: smokvun, smokvun!

And that is exactly what happened many years later. Smokvun has exclusively become a part of a sweet and delightful ritual used by Korčula Hotels to greet and surprise its loyal guests and partners. After you try this Ferrero Rocher of Korčula, you may feel an overwhelming sense of well-being caused by this sweet delicacy. The owner of a family farm, Vedrana Katić, was the one who created this product and, a few years ago, started a business around this magical candy. Smokvun has become a Croatian island product. Its base is a fig with nuts. It is covered with either white or dark chocolate. One type also includes dried fruits which have been aromatized in home-made liqueur, whose recipe is top-secret. Some types are made of a whole fig with walnuts and almonds covered in dark or white chocolate. Salt and pepper are added to intensify the flavour. Mrs. Katić likes to say that it is an ancient dish which is considered to be raw food according to modern standards. It requires no baking and there is no added sugar. This product cannot be purchased in a store. A package of 5 pieces incudes a mixture of different smokvuns. The package includes the following types: white chocolate with pepper, white chocolate with salt, original (dried fig and nuts aromatized in fruit liqueur, orange and lemon peel), walnut with almond, fig and dark chocolate and, finally, the original dipped in dark chocolate. It’s all packaged and protected with an autochthonous seal which is placed by melting a sealing wax of different colour. The seal has the impression of one of the Korčula towers with the word “Korčula” written below. It also shows a fig. Every seal is original and different. “At a presentation held recently in Spain, people were thrilled and excited about the product”, said Mrs. Katić.

Smokvun is the sweetest way to make someone feel welcome!


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