Korčula je najraspjevaniji otok

Korčula is the island of the most beautiful songs

Except that Korčula and Hvar have the largest number of sunny days in a year, Korčula is known as the most songful island in Croatia. Main elements of the music are harmony and melody, with rhythm very rarely being very important. In 2012 klapa was inscribed in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Klapa singing is a multipart singing tradition of the southern Croatian regions of Dalmatia. Multipart singing, a capella homophonic singing, oral tradition and simple music making are its main features. The leader of each singing group is the first tenor, followed by several tenori, baritoni and basi voices. During performances, the singers stand in a tight semicircle. The first tenor starts the singing and is followed by the others. The main aim is to achieve the best possible blend of voices. Technically, klapa singers express their mood by means of open guttural, nasal sotto voce and falsetto singing, usually in high-pitched tessitura. Another feature is the ability to sing freely, without the help of notation. Topics of klapa songs usually deal with love, life situations, and the environment in which they live. Bearers and practitioners are skilled amateurs who inherit the tradition from their predecessors. Their ages vary with many younger people singing with older singers.

Arriving on the island of Korčula you have the best opportunity to learn the roots of this unique and authentic form of musical expression. It is one of the most important parts of Korčula's identity and tradition recognized throughout the various international festivals. The most famous klapa from the island are Ošjak, Vela Luka, Moreška, Kumpanji, Pulena, Greben, Nostalgija, Porat, Korda and Kuntenat.

If you want to experience something really authentic, timeless and therapeutic in the ambience which is the essence of Mediterranean culture then Korčula is must-visit place for you.



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