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Beach Port 9

Beach in holiday resort Port 9 consists of several small sand beaches and concrete slabs located below the holiday resort Port 9. Further to the east there is a rocky stretch of coast on cape Križ, where it is possible to find nice spot for sunbathing and swimming. There are showers on the beach, cafe bar and pool which is part of Hotel Port 9. It is possible to find natural shade on the beach, and there is possibility of renting parasols and beach chairs. The entrance to the sea is very shallow and it is ideal for families with small children - young ones can enjoy in sand while parents can rest in beach bar just few metres above and overlook their children. The atmosphere on the beach is very calm and family friendly. The distance from the centre of the town of Korčula is approximately 2 kilometres, and the beach can be reached by nice sea-side promenade. There is also a passenger boat that connects the beach with the town of Korčula.

Beaches on islet Badija

Badija is the largest islet in archipelago of "Škoji", a group of 19 islets scattered in Pelješac channel, between Lumbarda and the town of Korčula. Badija is home to a Franciscan monastery from 15th century. The natural beauty and cultural-historical heritage of the Franciscan monastery make this islet unique. People in search for a break from the noise and stress of everyday life here will get the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled nature and crystal clear sea. The area of the islet is less than 1 square kilometre and it is covered by dense vegetation consisting mainly of Mediterranean pine, cypress and olive trees. Besides well maintained pebble beach on the southern side of the islet, Badija offers several other beaches, attractive locations for diving and 4 km long promenade around the island. The beaches are pebble, with long stretches of rocky coast that hide many places perfect for sunbathing and easy access to the sea. Lush vegetation that stretches all the way to the sea offers natural shade in hot summer days. Badija. Fallow deer are the most conspicuous and the best known specimens the fauna of this islet. A restaurant near the port located in the beautiful surroundings near the sea is an ideal place for refreshments or a meal after a tour of the islet. The islet is connected by regular shuttle boat from the town of Korcula or Port 9.

Luka Korčulanska beach

The beach in Luka Korčulanska bay is one of the most popular beaches in the town of Korčula. Situated just few dozen metres from beach Port 9, from which it is separated by large concrete pier, this family friendly sand beach offers refreshment and shade in several beach bars and under old pine trees. The beach is connected with the town of Korčula by regular bus lines from nearby bus station and water taxi. Pedestrians and cyclers can reach the beach easily from the town of Korčula using nice seaside promenade. The beach is located just below Port 9 camp, and it is situated in a deep bay which is very well protected from all winds. The water in the bay is very shallow and warm which makes it ideal for small children. Together with beach Vela Pržina in Lumbarda and beach Istruga in Brna, this is one of the nicest sand beaches on the island of Korčula. There is a small islet in the bay, which is very interesting for snorkelling. The bay is also called "Shell bay" because of large number of different shell species that thrive in shallow and clean water of this bay, and that attract large number of fish, mainly gilt-head bream (Sparus aurata), that can often be seen feasting on shells and reflecting sunshine in the shallow waters of Luka Korčulanska bay.

Beach Banje

Beach Banje (also known as KPK) is the oldest and most popular beach in the town of Korčula. This is the main beach for the population and visitors of the eastern part and the centre of the town of Korčula. It is a pebble beach, approximately 100 metres long. Around it, there are several smaller pebble spots and concrete jetties, that are often used for sunbathing. The beach is located very close to hotels Park, Marko Polo and Liburna, and approximately 5 minutes walk from the town centre, to which it is connected by nice promenade. The tourist offer on the beach and surrounding are is very good, and it includes several cafe bars, snack bars, grocery stores, sailing and windsurfing centres, showers, possibility of renting kayaks, parasols and lounge chairs, water polo, and much more. Natural shade can be found under several large tamarisk trees. The are around the pebble beach is paved with stone and it is also used as a place for sunbathing. The entrance to the sea is shallow and suitable for children. The beach is shielded from main western summer winds and the water quality is excellent.

Zakerjan beach

Zakerjan is a stretch of rocky and concrete coast with several jetties, located on the eastern side of the peninsula of the Korčula old town, below the walls that surround the town. The beach is accessible by several stairs that lead from the promenade that is filled with cafe bars and restaurants. The water here is perfectly clean and clear, and it is a perfect spot for quick refreshment and break from exploration of the old town of Korčula. For a popular tourist town it is very unique to have such beautiful swimming spot just few steps from the town centre. This part of the coast of Korčula old town peninsula is very well protected from main summer winds that blow from west, and in the afternoon the entire are is in shade, which is perfect for those that seek hideaway from hot summer sun.

Puntin beach

Puntin is a small pebble beach located on the northern tip of the peninsula of Korčula old town, very close to Korčula Hotel De La Ville, surrounded by large stone pier that is also used for sunbathing. It is popular among local population and wind surfers because of with strong western winds that blow here in the summer. The sea is very clean and clear, and always few degrees cooler because of strong sea currents. Since the beach is located between two ports in Korčula old town, there is much sea traffic. There are several cafe bars nearby. The beach gets the sun for the most part of the day, and from here you can enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets on the island of Korčula.

Spomenik beach

Located on the western foot of Korčula old town peninsula, this is one of the busiest beaches in town Korčula. This small pebble beach, surrounded by stone paved coast that is also used for sunbathing, is located in the centre of the town of Korčula and is widely used by local population as well as many tourists. It is open to summer western winds.

Beach Sveti Nikola

Below the promenade of Sveti Nikola (Saint Nicolas) that stretches from the peninsula of the old own of Korčula to the west, rocky and concrete part of the coast is located, with many jetties constructed for easier access to the sea. This beach is very unique and it is mainly used by local population. There are several cafe bars in the immediate vicinity. It is open to northern and western winds, and offers beautiful view of the old town of Korčula.

Ispod Duvana

Ispod Duvana is a small pebble beach located few hundred metres to the west from beach Sveti Nikola. It is located just under the promenade, and is easy accessible by small staircase. There is some natural shade on the beach from the large palm trees above it, and there are several cafe bars in the vicinity. The beach is oriented toward north west and catches the sunshine during most of the late morning and afternoon. This beach is ideal place for quick refreshment during the exploration of the town of Korčula and surroundings.


Few minutes of nice seaside walk to the west, and you will get to part of rocky coast, with large concrete pier and with several pebble spots that is mainly used by locals. This beach is relatively undiscovered by one-time visitors of the town of Korčula. There is very nice beach bar in the vicinity of the beach, and adjacent to it is a monastery of Saint Nicolas. The beach is oriented towards west and open to most summer winds. It gets the sunshine during most of the day, and it ids very popular spot for watching beautiful sunsets.

Strečica and Medvinjak

These two small bays are located on the western outskirts of the town Korčula, in the direction of Žrnovska Banja and Tri Žala. In Medvinjak there is a a small pebble beach and large concrete area perfect for sunbathing. In Strečica there are no beaches, but sunbathing and access to the sea is possible using concrete piers that surround the bay Both bays are accessible by foot from the town Korčula (15 minutes of walk) and by bus that connects town Korčula with Račišće. Both bays are oriented towards north, overlooking the peninsula of Pelješac, and open to western and norther winds. Both are located across the Channel of Pelješac from Viganj, the most popular windsurfing destination on Adriatic, and most popular destinations for wind surfers on the island of Korčula.

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