Korčula Hotels nudi aktivan odmor kao dodatnu i zdravu opciju

Korčula Hotels offer active vacation as an additional and healthy option

Cultural and historical sights of the town of Korčula, towers and walls, long and rich tradition of gastronomic offer and cosmopolitan atmosphere is something that guests enjoy during their stay on our island. If we add a wonderful and diverse nature, archipelago with many beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea, we are on the right way to feel what active holiday means.

In that context, Korčula Hotels represents a new and improved form of your holidays combined with moderate physical activity. This kind of holidays will fill you with energy, pleasure and lots of new experiences. You will come back home with a lots of new and beautiful memories.

In cooperation with our partners we can offer you diving with professional teams for those experienced as well as for beginners. Exploring our unique underwater world, a view of the Mediterranean world below the sea surface.

Sailing is a special pleasure in our Korčula Archipelago. Get your basic or advanced sailing skills on yachts from 12 to 15 meters. Also, do not miss a chance to try out on windsurfing. There is a variety of courses from basic to acrobatic sailing for children, young and adults.

For anyone with who desire an additional adrenaline to feel immediate contact with nature we offer kayaking. On that way, you really have the chance to find a hidden bay or beach that suits you and where you can find complete peace.

All those who like sound of engine, macadam road and crazy driving through the woods, vineyards and olive groves, Korčula buggy vehicles are just created for that purpose. 30km of driving combined with beautiful panoramas, tasting local autochthonous products are more than enough to choose this adventure.

Cycling is an indispensable part of an active holiday offer and many cycling enthusiasts come and enjoy the beauty of the island's landscape. In their words, it is difficult to say which path is more beautiful, which is more attractive. But in one they all agree - the experience of cycling on the island is unique and unforgettable.

If you like hiking or climbing, you will experience magnificent scenes that you will remember all your life. The island of Korčula offers something that you will not find anywhere else and you have to experience it on your own.

Life shouldnt just be filled with days, days should be filled with life!

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