Best Price Guarantee

When browsing through offers on our website, you are always guaranteed the best available offer and price for your stay at our hotels. If you find identical website offer at a lower price within 24 hours after you have made your reservation with us, we kindly ask you to send details on this offer, and we will acknowledge the lower rate and add to it additional 5% discount.

Making a reservation via our website reservation system is easy and quick. Reservation made via our website does not include any additional hidden costs or fees.

General conditions

  • We kindly ask you to exercise the right arising from the clause for best price guarantee within 24 hours after making your reservation via the website and send your letter of notification to Your letter must include your name and surname, reservation number and the name of the website which provides lower or more favourable offer. Incomplete complaints will not be taken into consideration.
  • Best price guarantee and its related discount will only be acknowledged if the offered lower price applies to the same room type, the same time period and if it can be reserved within 24-hour period from the sent complaint, and it includes the same services and conditions as our confirmed offer and price.
  • Best price guarantee applies only to prices from the website offer.


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