Stadtbesichtigung und Weingeschichte

Stadtbesichtigung und Weingeschichte

Discover charming island of Korcula,one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic, whose name Korkyra Melaina/Black Korcula dates back to the ancient Greeks. With our panoramic vehicle we will pass through the hot spots (viewpoint Korcula,hamlets in the interior of the island).A smaller,scenic road leads us to Pupnatska luka,without a doubt the most beautiful bay on the entire island. View the fields and vineyards of autochthonous cultivar of Korčulan grapes. After visiting two family owned wineries on Korcula island, we arrive in our wine bar situated at the heart of the old city. In wine there is truth! In vino veritas! And finally we end our Island story in Restaurant Chakula, where we serve you lunch (one of our special traditional meals of Korčula Island)


Departure from hotel according to program

  • 11.00 h - departure from Korčula
  •               panorama of Korčula old city
  •               Saint Anton , oil & honey & jams tasting
  •               wine tasting in Smokvica
  •               wine & oil tasting in Blato
  • 16.00 h - arrival in Korčula, wine & oil tasting, lunch


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